Visualization as social space

More than the extend use of video or TV over the web, the future in Internet for me is in collaborative data visualization.
Few examples:
* Wikinvest has a feature called Wikicharts which allows users to share annotations on financial charts.Wikinvest’s chart is extremely well executed and features customary dynamic axis and multiple time ranges, as well as their own additions for user-submitted annotations. Graphical annotation of chart is also explored in Berkeley project and by IBM in Many Eyes technology (create your visual representation of data and information here : )
* Kaltura is built on the collaborative Wiki model but uses media rather than text. Sites can add video capabilities using Kaltura’s hosted services, download the open source community edition, or install self-serve video packages for web-platforms such as MediaWiki, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
Using Kaltura’s technology, users can create videos by combining existing uploaded media from sharing sites such as MySpace or YouTube with CreativeCommons or public domain sources such as Flickr, ccMixter, Jamendo, and The New York Public Library.[2] Media that can then be embedded and played elsewhere on the Internet.

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