What is the problem with identity?

“Identity on the web is tricky, confusing and maybe even a little scary”. This is the very common opinion about  “identity”  in the  “web-noosphere”.
Maybe this feeling comes from the registration process you had to manage each time you want to enjoy a service online. Too much username and password, too much profile, email address and hobbies…and then: what are they doing with MY data?
My suggestions:
– think about real world: you also need to fill forms to use services, do you know what they do with your stuff (paper or digital)
– travelling is less and less easy: passport with chips, various personal checking…not talking of dangerous areas (including seas)
– each of your movements are recorded by public cameras in streets, malls, highways, airports, stations…
– your calls and payments are tracked by providers and delivered to everybody with good or not good arguments.
At the end of the day I feel safe on the net as many people follows me there and can support me, because every day chatting and sharing is the best proof of Identity.
As far as identity is connected with freedom, I think that the web is the only place today where people can struggle for freedom and have one chance to be successful.
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Great post, Isabelle. I’m glad to hear someone else point out the hypocrisy that implies that paper records are somehow safer than electronic. As someone who’s previously worked for the government, I can tell you that paper records aren’t nearly as safe or even accurately recorded as one might think. Keep up the great work!

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