The green collider


“When the rest of the world waits, holding its breath, for the start of the large hadron collider in Europe, those Russian people decided not to wait, but to built a prototype of the collider by themselves. As for the choice of the material there was not a big choice, they decided to follow local traditions and make it out of wood, why not? ”
The Large Hadron Collider is not yet finished like its European cousin but the project has a great support and russian scientists show (as always perhaps) great confidence in it:


This project is a big leap forward in using renewable materials in particle physics. Just imagine no need for the shielding against dangerous Alpha- Beta- rays, no need for high voltages and pollution of the environment caused by all the plastics and metal parts production. Literary, anyone can go and build his collider from the saw wood, which is widely available across the country. And if you ask me if it is not dangerous, that anyone can build such hi-tech device in his back yard, I tell you we have nothing to fair. All those rumours about the possibility of opening black hole portal to forth dimension when the particles collide is bull, especially it’s not worth any speculation in our case, when the wood is used – it won’t contradict the nature itself, and nature as you know, is a great power”, tells the Wooden Physics expert.

Certainly Nature is a great power, does it not demonstrating every day?

* All the pictures of the collider :


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