Enterprise 2.0 is trendy or…?

David Terrar and Dennis Howlett on Enterprise 2.0.
Yes it is obvious that social media and enterprise have not met each other. Few early adopters (Coca-cola, Dell, StarBuck,…) have experimented social tools in the marketing area, others as a kind of social intranet (IBM,NASA,…) but the all in one Enterprise 2.0 (= a social platform with bottomup stream of information, integrating providers and customers voices to deliver the best “social service” to one customers’ community) is not born.
Is it an utopy? is it a good medicine against crisis mood ? In my point of view the 20ie century pattern for enterprise had to change. Why?
– because of Information Technology. The enterprise cannot resist to the pression of customers’ information nor to providers’ information. This is a fact.
– what about the employees: they are best informed than their leaders! This is also a fact.
If Dennis Howlett is very sceptical with “enterprise 2.0” buzz, what about Enterprise Y ?

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