Back to Humanity!



My highlight in the cloud this month is NOT some stuff revealed during the Vegas CES these days but something that comes clearer as time goes using social web: humanity is back!
What does this mean? For example:
  • Meeting points like Twitter or Facebook catch more attention than TV programms??
  • Social media connect people locally ensuring new meetings in vivo and amazing community feeling??
  • Personal issue are solved by real person directly connected through Twitter or Facebook or Linkedin or Quora (asynchronous reply is better than no reply at all)
  • If you go for shopping, you trust more recommandations from your buddies’ internet community than the shops or brands reviews.??
  • You can follow the conversation or let it but you know where to find conversations.??
  • The spiral of silence is brocken. Everybody can add his word, his pictures, his videos “silently” or “loudly” hoping to find his soul mate in a little comment or re-tweet coming from nowhere. For a human being a little comment is a BIG reward.??


Strange isn’it? People who are not yet using social media or blog, are always pointing out how time-consuming is internet. Yes time-consuming as life is time-consuming. Being connected on Internet all day long is living with a larger community than the family circle or the working team. With your internet community you are in front of your weaknesses with an opportunity to outperform them. Some are doing very well because they are looking for those rewards which are coming for sure sooner or later. Rewards are a unique booster for humanity and Internet, web2.0, social business, enterprise 2.0 is about rewards.
In 2011 what technology is carrying to us: embracing not impressing!
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