From Social Enterprise to enlightenment 2.0 using wikis

As an Ambassador of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris on February 7-8,2012, I am scooping (reading-selecting-sharing) lot of posts about the so called “social business” or “Enterprise 2.0”.

Most of these readings are exhorting “management 1.0” to become more “2.0 oriented”, which consists mainly to move from hierarchy management to network management. You take a department in a company, you engage people in this department to work with new social technology, arguing that sharing knowledge is pushing productivity and work done! Companies are still working with the same processes for one century and they just add technologies or separated platforms of networking. Is this changing the way enterprise are profitable? Is this “social business”?


Social business is about re-thinking the processes in all parts of the enterprise on a bottom-up conversation base. As a wiki expert I am frustrated to see companies relegating wiki as a management project tool. What if a wiki will manage the finance department or the human ressources or the customers relationships. This is not a fantasy, it is just possible and desirable. Why?

– wiki is social, every user has the same “weight” and contribute in his expertise area, knowing-learning from others.

– wiki is a continuous building process. We will not have a one century wiki for finances for example. People who are working with will change it and adapt it in a continuous momentum.

– wiki is agile: low apprenticeship, low cost, high potencial.

– wiki is active-knowledge. Engage employees to use the data as they need it. (see “opendata” results)

– wiki is customizable at low cost

– wiki can deal with all types of data.

– wiki can support unstructured data or semantic strutured data, all done in a continuous process.

More employees are engaged more your business is profitable. Outside of the enterprise customers are gaining also power. Do you want a Ford, a car makes by engineers who don’t care about how you are living? Or do you want a customizable car, adapted to your life style? How companies with last century processes are managing this breaking new model? Social Enterprise is one step to enlightenment 2.0. No way back.

Are you on the road to enlightenment 2.0? You disagree that this is the futur of Enterprise: tell us why.

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