Design1o1, the MOOC that rocks!

Design1o1 is a MOOC about Design from the new german platform Iversity. But it is not a “classic” MOOC, just look:
* It has lasted 101 days, from November to February 5th: usually MOOC last 6-8 weeks, rarely 12 weeks
* 101 videos, 101 letters, 101 homeworks! Burst of applause!

* The italian team from Academia di Belli Arti di Catania (Stefano Mirti, Anne-Sophie Gauvin, Lucia Giuliano, Giovanni Pasca Raymondi, Giulia San Gregorio, Lola de la Arena, Graphics: Marco Agosta, Alica Horvathova, Andrea Molteni, Video: Pierluigi Anselmi, Carlo Altera Sound: Duccio Servi) has designed a very special way to deliver knowledge and know-how:
– an animated-stylish video of only 1:30 to 3:00 mn duration, just to deliver the daily idea-theme
– a dense letter full of links to multimedia online ressources, very rare links to books or pdf contents
– a large scope of cultural references, taking advantages of Internet to “drive” people beyond his/her physical or cultural borders (references from music to technology, from europe to asia, africa…)
Freedom and creativity in all parts to follow-up the students: NO excel spreadsheet or specific forums to manage groups of students. Students were invited to collaborate on whatever social platform they were comfortable with.
– Only one dead-line a week to answer an eccentric quiz
– Finally assignment: pictures, lot of pictures ranked by students, that’s it !

And at the end of the day guess what? A cheerful and helpful community of students, an amazing creativity, over 40,000 students enrolled at the beginning and still 8000 at the end of the course (2163 in the Facebook Arena).

The Ariane thread of the community was this quote put in practice : “I draw flowers every day and send them to my friends so they get fresh blooms every morning.”(David Hockney)

From Mu Um, one of the most active student

The students’ community was so enthousiastic with the course that they managed to make and deliver through the facebook group the last Sunday video-letter as a special gift to the teachers who delivered 101 videos and letters along the course. Here is the link to the students’ farewell video: Students’ farewell video

The “teachers” said:
:We will collectively explore the tools of today (facebook, twitter, instagram, the MOOC platform etc.) to step into a fantastic voyage through time and space, in which we are all absolute beginners!
and after 3 months we feel to be “eternal beginners” as we enjoyed so much the travel!

Next stop: Design 101 exhibition at designtransfer, Berlin university of the arts – Subject : #blaueblumen.
address :udk Berlin, einsteinufer 43 , on 25-26 april 2014

More videos in YouTube Channel:[]

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