Wiki Champion and grandma.

IT fellow since…1972 (Fortran, Basic, Dbase , DOS, AppleII nº41 in Europe, Xerox etc…)

English: Old computers (including a Xerox Star).
English: Old computers (including a Xerox Star). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My company starts using and hosting Wiki on August 2004, first as an intern CMS.

In early 2005 I installed a family wiki website to save good memories from families and friends (genealogy, families’ stories, pictures and documents as well as emails).

In 2005 I setup for one of my customers a social public wiki website about Anthropology.

End of 2006 I got the opportunity to make a conference about the “wiki revolution” in Zaragoza Spain and I launched a public wiki about Zaragoza.

I began to run public Wiki websites where customers can directly manage their content without any tech expert. Simultaneously customers asked for private wikis as internal collaboration tool and unique files container.

I was twice Ambassador of http://e20summit.com (nowadays Digital Enterprise )

I am commited to the #Design1o1 community, helping in running #MOOC.

I am also running a blog about French culture : http://poucecafe.wordpress.com/

My german company  ASPM GmbH is setting-up, hosting, securing and monitoring personal private wikis, helping people to boost their productivity with wiki tool made simple.

ASPM is also offering consulting on coding and data science.

I work in English, Spanish, French

You are welcome to chat with me on Twitter > http://twitter.com/nanouk

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