What are the differences between European and US entrepreneurs?

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As usual after LeWeb conference in Paris, we have plenty to learn and read from US people feedback about the European event.


This year 2009 was particularly interesting as one part of the conference focused on Startups and some of the american bloggers (Scoble heading the team) on the French ones.

According to my readings, mixing the ideas, I will give you my feelings about the differences between EU and US entrepreneurs (startup), expecting to read yours.
1- US entrepreneurs are very well prepared to make public presentation and EU less.
2- EU entrepreneurs are dealing with more state rules (and EU rules) and do need to adapt themselves.
3- US entrepreneurs are in the cloud (Twitter,Facebook,Skype) and EU less.
4- EU entrepreneurs usualy are trying to settle first in their country using their social connections on the ground and US do the same.
5- US entrepreneurs are in an homogeneous environment and do not imagine how is the world outside their borders and EU imagine it quite perfectly.

Despite world globalisation, new technologies, social tools and reds, culture or mankind do not change so quickly. We have great entrepreneurs on both sides, no matter how they make the job (by the way, what is the origin of “entrepreneur“?).
Deezer CEO is french, not well kown in US, but he dealt successfully with the Majors, permitting listening whole song or sonate for free. Maybe this is the main reason of his discretion.

At the end of the day the weaknesses pointed out here are nothing regardless to our natality curve on both sides of the Atlantic.

Are you ready to change for the other continent OR do you feel well in yours?

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