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Reading post “Blockage” in Cause Global Blog, I was impress by the  replies gave by Clay Shirky about the management of organizations and whole society.
To the question :
“Is there someone or some new organization doing this well?

Boing Boing, one of the well-trafficked Web blogs, has a brilliant community manager named Theresa Nielsen Hayden, whose principal MO is to sit back and watch

answers Clay Shirky.
Absolutely disruptive of course as our traditionnal image of a true leader – manager is a busy person, pushing and pulling persons and projects.
Maybe the “sit and watch” attitude is the drastic posture  of the “new” leader but in the challenge to find efficient and flexible organization that deserves the society of information, it could be a necessary first step.

Do you agree with:
how to change the organizational structure enough to accommodate Web-enabled, ground-up, collective action—self-organized groups of members or supporters or constituents that, because they’re using new technology tools, are demanding interaction at far higher levels than before. This is something that really is unprecedented. Those organizations which fail to exert new leadership will risk losing support.”


(Illustration by Miroslaw Pieprzyk)

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