To be or not to be a wiki-gardener ?

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In 2008 when I registered to Twitter I filled my bio writing “wiki-gardening”. Today I just read this post and truly agree with many points of it.
No doubt first that ” The truth is that Ward Cunningham???s original WikiWikiWeb software predates the popular definition of Web 2.0 by almost 10 years.”. Wiki and Web 2.0 are cultural matters based on a disruptive change in our environment. We, human beings need time. This is the big issue because “a wiki succeeds more due to an engaged community than technology”.
At that stage you could ask : “Why a wiki-gardener and not a community manager?”. A gardener is supposed to be a lonely person, just concerned by making growing plants which are not talking or communicating with him. In fact the growing of a wiki doesn’t need big interactions with the community, the gardener must act with care and discretion to let the participants gain confidence within the tool. “People keep using a wiki when ???the content provides real value, and gives the participants a sense of belonging to a community that respects and uses their work.??? This is the key point for a wiki-gardener: the value of the content plus the easyness to find it and relate it to other valuable stuff.
Here we come along with the innovative part of the job. In a society “still locked into a book-based, paged-locked paradigm that has changed little since the dawn of the printing press. You, as the gardener, needs to find the path to a new society digital-based and linked-locked. Good luck!
Please think about this each time you write “digital”: “I am not writing in the marble I am writing to link ideas”…maybe could be a good start to make the society 2.0?
What do you suggest to give away the “page-locked paradigm”?

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