What’s up with learning?

Reporting me the big happening which took place yesterday in London through Amplified 08 , my son was questioning about education, how and what do the coming generation must learn to serve the society of the 21th century.
Maybe one answer could be find in Michael Wesh statement “Passion for Teaching” :

Since all good thinking begins with a good question, it strikes me that if we are ultimately trying to create “active lifelong learners” with “critical thinking skills” and an ability to “think outside the box,” it might be best to start by getting students to ask better questions.

Another answer comes from research funded by the MacArthur Foundation about teens’ use of digital media. One of the results of the 800 youth and young adults interviewes is:

Many adults worry that children are wasting time online, texting, or playing video games. The researchers explain why youth find these activities compelling and important. The digital world is creating new opportunities for youth to grapple with social norms, explore interests, develop technical skills, and experiment with new forms of self-expression. These activities have captured teens’ attention because they provide avenues for extending social worlds, self-directed learning, and independence.

Connie Yowell, Ph.D., Director of Education at the MacArthur Foundation. “It concludes that learning today is becoming increasingly peer-based and networked, and this is important to consider as we begin to re-imagine education in the 21st century.”


So it looks like we have all in hands to re-imagine education, maybe we just have to do the twist and speak about: learning (and not education),  companionship, conversation (in the Socratic meaning)…What do you think?

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